dedicated to providing safe, creative spaces for humans to heal


refuge-dreams is dedicated to providing safe, creative spaces for humans to heal. bridging art healing and community building allows us the opportunity to host humans from all walks of life. 

we believe that you have a responsibility to yourself and your healing journey. 

expressive art is calling you to come and play, build community and decipher your messiness with us. 

Kiara, our expressive arts facilitator & art host, will meet you where you are in life and assist you in the mess-making. 

together, we work behind the scenes to create safe spaces for you to seek refuge in your dreams and make room for the child in you. 

we offer a wide range of workshops and only need you to show up!

#HealYourParts    #LetsHealTogether


praise for our art host, Kiara

"Kiara is easy to open up to. Finally, positive energy." -anonymous

refuge-dreams has allowed me to put my feelings, thoughts and experiences into creative action. At workshops, I’ve been able to connect with other women who are going through similar situations. The workshops offer creative activities with quality materials. So much thought goes into the activities and projects being done. It’s the perfect way to release, and heal.  -Leiska G.

"Kiara speaks to you as one singular person even if there's another person in the room." anonymous

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please consider donating to refuge-dreams. your donation will go towards our art supplies, sponsorship for individuals attending our workshops, our expressive art workshop expenses and allow us to continue creating content .