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a dream is just a dream

by: kiara, art host

until you speak it and let your ears hear your voice. there is no wrong and right in dreaming. we're born dreaming, this is how i know it can naturally be done by anyone. you were a dream before you opened your eyes for the first time. 

& yet, for so long this world has tried to convince you that you are a nightmare. 

i can bet that sometimes, you're afraid to face your dreams. come, let's go on a small journey

when you go out into the world, there are things you wish you will never see. 

when you watch a scary movie, maybe, you're afraid to go to sleep that night because your dreams might turn into a nightmare. the scary movie now lives inside of your head, but why does your body turn it into a "nightmare"?

isn't it your body's natural reaction to live out the things in your subconscious in your dreams? isn't that what dreaming is. let's ask google. 

first definition:

dream (noun)  a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep.

second definition: 

dream (verb) contemplate the possibility of doing something or that something might be the case.

spark notes to my research: science

"the contemporary theory of dreaming holds that the process is not random, however, and that it is instead guided by the emotions of the dreamer." 


universal definition: i pose these questions to you so that you can be the answer. 

1. what emotions are you visualizing in your dreams?

2. are the emotions you are afraid of the ones you call nightmares? why?

 i've always wondered, how the word nightmare originated and how we've allowed people to define simple actions and emotions, as nightmares. for example, love, kindness, forgiveness, understanding...

"love is a living nightmare" 

"do not let your kindness be taken for granted!"

"forgiveness is weak, you cannot forget the people who've done you wrong!"

"i understand but honestly, i still don't care" 

when did it get to this?


dreaming can be "just a dream" or a dream can be everything you've needed to move forward in YOUR right direction.

how about you take a moment, right now, and speak your dream out loud. face the emotion you are translating while you dream. daydream even! when you're done, say it loud enough for your ears to hear you. 

& then, type them out below in the comments. i'd love to see your dreams in words, let them be raw & do not let them bother you. your dreams are not nightmares, bad, delusional or too messy. 

your. dreams. are. you.  

seek refuge in your dreams,

kiara (your art host)