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The Gap - A Disconnect (of self) That Occurs During The Holidays

by: kiara, art host

The Gap - A Disconnect (of self) That Occurs During The Holidays

it gets really heavy during this time of year

during the gap between christmas and new years 

this gap turns into a separation of self with self

we're constantly trying to figure out which parts of ourselves to keep and which ones to let go of.

we start to realize the weight we’ve been carrying all year, 

& all of our lives.

this gap puts things into perspective.

one minute we're getting gifts together, spending time with family, exchanging gifts and once that's all done, 

we’re kind of floating and becoming more aware of the heavy feeling 

The Gap - A Disconnect (of self) That Occurs During The Holidays

it becomes a time of mixed messages

those of hope

new beginnings

people claiming they’re leaving people behind

leaving bad habits behind

even some stating they’re going to stay the same because they’re happy with their lives.

as we’re exposed to all of this noise

this pressure,

this disconnect,

let’s try to keep in mind what’s most important.

the gap between the holidays that leaves you trying to figure out what you will do in the upcoming year.

The Gap - A Disconnect (of self) That Occurs During The Holidays

let's concentrate more on this gap, let’s connect self to self. 

first, ask yourself these questions

1. do i feel a sudden pressure to impress and show the people i care about that i love them, right before the holidays?

2. do i run through the list of people who will definitely get a gift or action of love from me?

3. and then, do i start realizing 5-10 seconds in that it might be impossible to give and show love to all of these people?

4. do i begin to make another list, of those who are "most important" and end up with a "WAIT LIST" of the others who did not make "THE MOST IMPORTANT LIST"?

one minute you’re excited to give and 5 minutes later this energy takes a negative turn. 

The Gap - A Disconnect (of self) That Occurs During The Holidays

be honest with yourself

5. do you sometimes keep "THE WAIT LIST" and start evaluating your relationship with the people on it?

6. do you give "THE WAIT LIST" too much priority and carry it over right into the days before the new year? making you consider who you just might have to drop out of your life? 

7. did you put your name on "THE WAIT LIST"? Can that be the heaviness that’s weighing you down, forcing you to rethink who and what you need to drop before the ball drops?

These can be a lot of questions to answer, especially during a time when all you might want to be doing is living your best life. 

Listen, it’s ALWAYS time to ask yourself the deep questions, especially when you feel the heaviness of the world on your shoulders.

If you’re like me, you figured you’d sacrifice yourself for the sake of others making the “Most Important List”. 

Because you have the rest of your life to do anything for yourself, right?


From now on, put YOUR name first on the “MOST IMPORTANT” list!

on every list! except the “WAIT LIST.”

i’ve realized, that I’ve been putting myself on the “WAIT LIST” for soooo long. 

which makes me realize that i am lying to MYSELF when i convince MYSELF that I have the time to give to MYSELF.

the bad habit of putting yourself last needs to be broken if we ever foresee a future of compassion, serenity, and understanding. 

Power Forward!

mean it when you say this new year will be yours

be intentional with all that you do

give your all to the things, people & places that make YOU feel purposeful. 

the things, people & places that make you feel WHOLE not HALF yourself.

be YOU in everything

The Entirety of your Being is Not Too Much

you don’t have to get rid of everything and everyone

just learn how to balance and learn when to put some of the weight down

interchange the WEIGHT you will carry as you deem it necessary to YOU

Learn how much you can carry with your WHOLENESS

fill the gap by connecting yourself to YOUR self

it’s not simple,

its necessary!

all that is necessary will bring peace to SELF

and peace work is not easy.


Happy New Year my loves, this year will be all  A B O U T      Y      O      U !


Kiara, your art host