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Gracias to You Women!

by: kiara, art host


kiara here! 

the founder of REFUGE-dreams & your background noise regarding all things REFUGE. 

i’ve been so happy the past few days.

finally launched a website I’ve been sitting on for almost a year.

finally released my baby dream into the universe for all of you to see.

& you have all been nothing short of magical.

as i struggle to sleep with excitement, i could not go to sleep without thanking you girls & some of you boys.

for being super supportive of my vision. 

for letting yourself be vulnerable. 

& magical.

& breathtaking. 

i look forward to meeting all of you!

creating, talking, crying just a little bit & eating (cause seriously, who’s never hungry?)

i’m trying to figure out the best way to brag about all of your pieces.

all of your pieces are slowly adding up & forming a mini REFUGE-dreams Library.

how awesome is it that with your help i’ve been able to manifest that dream? 

how moving is it that your support & willingness to contribute has exposed me to a higher level of gratitude?

i’d like to say thank you in all of the ways. 

so i’ll thank you here on the website,

i’ll thank you by creating more content for the creative resource library,

i’ll thank you by hand making more floor pillows for your place of refuge,

& i’ll thank you in person, in our safe space.

Gracias Women!


Kiara B