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How To: RELEASE & Let Go

by: Leiska, Holistic Health Educator

How To: RELEASE & Let Go

Do you find yourself reliving events from your past, the choices you have made, the mistakes & everything that used to be?

What about the one event that happened years ago with that one person or thing... is it still replaying over and over in your head?

It’s like you just can’t shake it. You want answers. You want to move on with your life.

This is a sign. It’s a way the universe is telling you it’s time to release and heal.

How To: RELEASE & Let Go

art activity:

Write a letter to the person or moment that has hurt you, or that you have hurt.

You will not give that person the letter!

That person or thing is already your past and it’s time to let go and release.

Write a letter about what’s bothering you.

Write as much as you can without stopping.

It could take up an entire page, or even 8.

Do not go back and re-read the letter! 

You’ve already relived it too much in your head.

Just keep writing.

You should know you’re almost finished writing when you start to feel a weight taken off your back and an openness in your chest; a sense of lightness and clarity you didn’t have before.

You can breathe again.

Maybe what you wrote was positive, maybe it was negative.

It doesn’t matter.

The point is you want to release these feelings and get rid of the emotions that no longer serve you and your greatest good.

Once you’re done writing,

burn the letter,

the entire thing,

and watch those feelings, thoughts and unhealthy habits release into the air and be permanently gone from your life.

How To: RELEASE & Let Go

**One of the safest ways to burn the letter is in a pot. It’s important that the entire letter is burned. 

Happy releasing and enjoy the new year! 

Leiska, your Holistic Health Educator