dedicated to providing safe, creative spaces for humans to heal


art & conversation SUNY Albany-CHARGE

art & conversation

in a safe space, we come together to talk through difficult topics while simultaneously participating in an art activity. 

your ego is left at the door to make room for your true self.


art & body

reclaim your body from politics, people, gravity, time and space. using your body as a canvas, you decide who your body will be moving forward.

prepare to show skin, give face and let go of the things and people that once claimed you as theirs.


art & intention

let's get down to personal business, growth, strategy, purposeful intentions.

this is growth on your own terms.


art & release

 your opportunity to speak, to sing, to rant, to question, to reflect & to move to the rhythm of your soul's deepest desires. 

be raw, openly!

if you would like to attend a workshop or would like a one-on-one session and are in need of financial assistance, please fill out our sponsorship application.  

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