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9-5 Love

By: Ashley S.

instagram: lil_buddha119

twitter: GangStar119

Let's fall in love every day until the final night. Let's dance in the rain, sing away the pain and allow our brains to vibe at their own frequency. Open up and let me in, feel my words pour into your soul and build you up until..... you can stand tall. 

Tall enough to cover me on days that I can't find the words to say. On days where I don't wanna stay. Let my love be enough. 

For the both of us. Let my love be enough to love me on days I don't look as pretty. On days when my jokes aren't that witty. 

On days where I wanna run and find shade under the hottest sun. But promise me you'll appear just at the arc of the hill. Ready to fill me up with words that will carry enough love for the both of us.