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art heals, you should try it 

By: Nuveen Barwari

Instagram: fufucreations


Nuveen Barwari

Nuveen Barwari

My name is Nuveen Barwari and I have experienced the healing powers of art first hand.  Over the past year I have been creating non stop.

I've been creating at school, in 3 hour long studio art classes.

I've been creating in my at home studio.

I've been creating on my laptop, at coffee shops and libraries.

I've been creating on the kitchen table at home with my family, with my nieces and nephew.

I've been creating with my friends, exposing them to art and some teaching me a lot of things I didn't know about art.

There is this urge to create inside of me that keeps pushing and pushing. I told one of my professors/mentor in the middle of the semester,

"I can't study for my art history class at home anymore"

and he said, "why not?" and I replied,

"I can't stop painting... "

By: Nuveen Barwari

By: Nuveen Barwari

He told me, "you're an addict now."

And it is true, I am an ART addict.

We all have bad habits, some more than others, and I truly believe that art has healed me in ways that nothing else could.

Not all addictions are good.

Everything you do too much of becomes an addiction. However, everything should have a healthy limit and I've gotten to a point where I can manage it. Sure I take breaks throughout the day. As an artist you need to take a break sometimes from creating to find inspiration. I get a lot of inspiration from reading, video games, music, skateboarding and so much more.

By: Nuveen Barwari 

By: Nuveen Barwari 

I always find myself itching to create.

It has become a part of me.

It is who I am and what I do.  

I've learned so much about myself through the power of art this past year. I've learned that you can physically and mentally push yourself to achieve great things. I've sat hours and hours working on paintings, pushing myself mentally to achieve the right shapes and shades.

By:Nuveen Barwari    This says "peace" in Kurdish

By:Nuveen Barwari  

This says "peace" in Kurdish

Every stroke has a meaning that comes from within my soul and onto the surface. 

By: Nuveen Barwari

By: Nuveen Barwari

Paintings by Nuveen Barwari

Paintings by Nuveen Barwari

I create because it gives me peace.

It gives my soul the peace it deserves.

As humans we all seek peace. Whether its through going to the gym, praying/meditating, reading, skate boarding, writing, etc...

I  seek my peace through ART. It takes a lot of courage to go out there and try something new, if you're having troubles with anxiety, depression, addiction or anything else try creating something and working with your hands.

Art heals, you should try it this year!