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Black Destruction

By: Michelle B.

twitter: @_SeeChell

instagram: @_SeeChell

We out here Believin

Trying to Achieve all the dreams

We've been schemin

Open your eyes and mind 

Maybe you'll see what we seein

Maybe you'll stop asking why

Stop the lies and recognize 

That our lives are lives

They deserve news coverage

Justice and all the country's cries

Realize that 

While you just cashed your check on the corner of Wall Street

Another black baby just died 

From lack of clean water and food to eat 

The Country of opportunity 

Unless you black like me

Amerikkka where every second 

More And more kids are born into poverty

But Na you rather pretend 

What we feel isn't real

Make us bend to blend 

Say we have nothing

Then poke and probe us for trends

We create it

You take shit 

What is this game

What does it take to win

Is it about brains?

About the strength you hold within?

What about the pain?

Or is it simply about skin?

You say the past is long gone 

But your hate remains

We're just your pawns

Modern day slaves

Only now your words are the ones

keepin us chained

Trying to keep us tamed


"Don't complain"

"You did this to yourselves"

"if you work harder you too can build wealth"

"Everything cost money though, even ya health"

"A college education can free you"

"But you gotta pay for that too"

"White lives and black lives are equal"

"Why are we still talking about slavery"

"Oh that cop just shot that black kid?

I call it bravery"

"No one said it was easy, we've all been there"

You try to keep us down by not being around or showing you care

 this obstruction

This eruption was your vision

Black corruption 

Black destruction was the mission