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By: Michelle Bertrand

twitter: @_SeeChell

instagram: @_SeeChell

Am I a fool

To love someone like you

To think that you'd want the home I built within me 

A home where only you have the key

To think that just me would be 

Enough for you when who I am isn't even enough for me

My mirror projects an image of a person I don't recognize. 

I don't see... me

Am I my mother, like the others? another 

Woman begging to be loved?

Thinking back on my fathers acts

Nights my mother spent alone

in the room they shared at home

Intimacy was something he lacked

And lack of affection is all she'd ever known

Because her mother 

Also Loved a man who's heart was stone 

Married off at 18, made to bear children

Life became lull, stilled in

As dreams began to fade the joy followed along with the laughter 

The love disappeared shortly after

The past becoming the present 

The present like the past

Cycles continuing and begin to intertwine

Simply to find 

nothing truly ever lasts