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Dark Beauty

By: Michelle B.

twitter: @_SeeChell

instagram: @_SeeChell

Dear black woman

You are so beautiful

In every single way

From head to toe 

And with every word you say

Black woman 

Your divine feminine grace 

Lingers in the minds

Of anyone who gets to know you

If they dare and if you may

Your energy leaves them ruminating 

Even if only offered a little taste

For your true beauty derives 

From a different kind of place

From the lonely nights you've cried

And your never ending journey to the other side

It comes from the dark days you wished you weren't alive

The past trauma

That had deeply rooted itself inside

The pain was just some of 

The reasons you were asking God why

Why you were chosen for this burden

Because it was all too much 

And the future seemed uncertain 

Not knowing those were the times 

The devil was creepin, really lurkin

Yet some how you managed

You were broken

But you were not damaged 

Black woman

Through your pain and your journey of healing

You have gained many things 

Like your empathy

Your understanding 

How you love endlessly 

And the way you've become so caring 

Black woman

You are warm, sweet, soft

Gentle and strong

Shining as bright as the sun

Black woman, black women 

You are as beautiful as they come