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flaws and all

By: Imani


instagram: @manicashhoes

Twitter: @Hola_Manito


Where should I start from most hated?
Or from what can be somewhat tolerated?
Should I talk about my long, obnoxious stick figure limbs?
Or maybe, I should mention that I’m a skinny girl with a double chin?
I can’t stand my flat chest.
Men stare at me and ask “Uh, where’s the rest?”
Hips? What are those?
I’m a women, ain’t I? I suppose
Mommy always told me “your body is a masterpiece” looks like my forehead is big enough for a canvas
What can I say I loathe the most about my figure? I have too many answers
Is it typical to say I wish I was thick and curvy?
God wasted 116 pounds on someone goofy and nerdy
I know my what I lack, I see my flaws
But despite how much I say I detest them, I love em all

Picture by Imani from

Picture by Imani from