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i didn't expect much

By: kmb-r

instagram: @_kmb-r

At all!

and I believe that’s why it’s been so hard for me to demand and receive the best of the best 

To have the experiences that my peers got to have 

I felt I did not deserve. 

I felt I did not belong or that I should be grateful for the bare minimum

because though all that extra shit hasn't always been me

it does not mean that I cannot evolve & change my mind about the things & people that I want in my life  

Cause I always told myself that I would reap the benefits of the things I lacked then, 

It would all come in full circle someday. 


Most importantly,

I am learning how to reap the benefits 

Enjoy them, 

Claim them as mine, 

All mine!

& Be grateful still 

I’ll always remain grateful 

Because I didn’t have it 

And honestly, didn’t even want it 

I didn’t want it, maybe cause I was so used to not having it 

Since birth, it's been challenges everywhere

forcing me to understand the difference between needs & wants 

I knew that I needed something bigger than people & things

Something greater that couldn't be touched 

I needed a Universe

Something that everyone could not understand but could respect

Something like refuge-dreams 

Yes, what I’ve always needed is refuge 

refuge-dreams ...

images filled my head 

these images filled my days

And refuge-dreams is what I have & will continue to cultivate 

What's given birth to me

because everyone needs to know that you can dream up mini refuge spaces in your mind, 

Your heart

Your entire being... 

To carry you forward 

To the physical YOU require 

And you will all have the chance to walk into refuge-dreams, physically + virtually

and know that you’re home 

You’re definitely home



i'll be here in the refuge-dreams studio & everywhere all at once