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Life Lesson

By: l_norel


i think this is my life lesson,
to overcome pain,
& use my pain to create

that’s the way i’m supposed to help others
it’s probably my purpose

i’m supposed to feel constant heart break,
reflect on my shortcomings
& constantly evaluate how i could make this pain worth it

i must learn how to live in loneliness,
to give and not receive,

but still i wish that i were seen,
loved the way i love,
you know,
reciprocated love,
that warm so fulfilling too good to be true better than sex love

it’s gotta be my life lesson…

with each chapter of my life,
it always comes back to this,
to the hurt,
the pain,
the heart break,
the loneliness,

happiness &; peace is there,
it’s short-lived,
the panic comes in,
my heart gets frantic,
i’m calm,
suddenly these realities come crashing,
i’m confident,
but for how long?
am i not learning my lesson fast enough?
am i not making it permanent?
i keep running around this never-ending cycle
i feel like i’m in a circus

i pray i can break it,
if this is my life lesson,
i promise i’ve learned it

please hear me,
i’m learning,
i feel it,
i’ll scream it,
i’ll live this heart ache

this pain,
and still wake up every morning
is that enough?
have i proved i’ve learned it?
i’m at the edge.
i’m crying out,
i’m desperate.