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By: Ashley S.

instagram: lil_buddha119

twitter: GangStar119

I held a mirror up to your face. 

Don't be mad at me because you didn't like the reflection. 

I found it one day on my journey to peace. On my quest for understanding and meaning in this world. As I stepped along the bumpy unpaved road I felt a shard of glass cut the skin at the bottom of my foot. I picked it up and wiped the blood off. As I wiped I began to see a small reflection of myself. Broken. My eyes were heavy from the lack of sleep and anxiety that this journey had put upon me. I continued to walk the path, being vigilant, paying close attention to avoid another puncture. 

Something was shining by the side of the road. Another fragmented shiny thing. I picked it up and looked. This time seeing a gentleness in my face. I continued walking...picking up piece by piece. Shard by shard. Holding it up to my face and searching for another part of me that I never took the moment to see. The pain. The pleasure. The disappointment. The exhaustion. The energy. The love. The eye. I sat to rest for a bit. I came across multi colored stones and crystals. I took a large rock and began smashing them until they broke off into smaller pieces. I cried. I used my tears, mixed it with the dirt on the ground creating a cement. 

I placed the grounded stones in the mixture and began sculpting a small base. I began taking the shards of glass I collected and each piece fit so incredibly perfect in my base. Like a predestined puzzle. I let it rest and I sat in silence for a few minutes, which turned into days. When I woke up from my meditation my broken messy structure became a mirror. I saw my mother I saw my grandmother I saw myself as a child. I saw my daughter and her daughter. Everything I was, am and want to be. I saw me.