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An Open Letter to Women


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open letter to woman

One thing I keep realizing over & over again is the way women are treated & expected to be everything & nothing all at once.

We have to understand people, learn how to treat them, learn how to talk to them, learn how to heal & cope & fit it all into this nice little put together body.

Crazy Woman
free woman, free spirit

No wonder they call us crazy, because the box they’ve given us is not big enough to carry all this dead weight. We’re overloaded with limiting expectations, yet leave men with the ability to be whoever, whenever.

& we’ve heard it over & over again,

& have said it over & over again that enough is enough! 

We, as women will keep fighting for the right,

the will

& the understanding of all mankind.


So why is it that each day it surprises me when a woman

does not feel good enough,

does not feel pretty enough,

feels as if she’s losing herself,

cannot speak her truth because she’s afraid that others might not handle it well,

has to be super cautious about the way she walks,

what she wears

& who she supports (openly)?

pretty in pink 

Pretty in pink girls turned into a bad thing. Gender neutral became the trend and sorta promised us more inclusivity but here I am,


realizing over & over again that the expectations are still there.

Here I am, embracing all things pink and all things girl because there's so much power behind girls.

Here I am, rebelling against the gender norms & expecting my man to cook for me

& clean

& tend to our kids.

Here I am gaining weight & ignoring the voice which tells me "He will leave you if you're too fat."

Here I am taking a stand for all the women,

all the pretty in pink girls who chose black instead.

All the pretty in pink girls who say FUCK YOU more often than men do

& all the pretty in pink girls who don’t want to have no mans babies.

Why? To be left to handle the world all on her own while man goes to work (if he works) & “provide” (just doing that and it being enough) ?

Here's to the women who don’t want children.

Here's to the women who aren’t afraid to wear what they want.

Here's to the women who speak their truth and follow their own path.

Here's to the women who still love men on their terms.

man and woman

Here's to the women who teach their daughters that loving men is okay & loving yourself is most important.

Here's to the women who will put the same amount of energy teaching their sons to clean for their partner, take care of their partner, cook for their partner, & speak with respect, always! 

Here's to the women who know there will always be more work to do but never give up.

Here's to the men who let us be these women!

Here's to the men that feel intimidated by these women but still stand next to us, not in front of us.

Here's to the men that understand the complexity of the woman & don’t throw it in our face when we fuck up.

Here's to the men who want to be stay at home dads & don’t care who brings in the money.

Here's to the 9-5 dad who comes home & cooks dinner & makes time to play with his children. 

Here's to the men who know they need to work on themselves but don’t use that as an excuse for being shitty.

Here's to the men that let us women talk shit about them & don’t take it too personal. 

women putting in work

We’re still putting things together that MIGHT NOT work

We’re still trying

We’re still fighting 

We’re still understanding who we are 

Most of us don’t want to fit a mold or care to create one for the sake of making people feel comfortable

Most of us thrive in discomfort 

That's how us pretty in pink girls grew into pretty in WHATEVERTHEFUCK women!

women laughing

This is my toast to you!