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by: Imani


instagram: @manicashhoes

twitter: @Hola_Manito

Black girl with the long hair
I love your every kink, curl, coil and wave
Underneath those roots are much history
Under those roots are gold and teachings from Ghana and Mali
Until the Europeans made you destroy what once made you believe
They deceived your true beauty under that weave
You need that Brazilian, Malyasian, Wet and Wavy, 1A?
Where is that Black Beauty ?
Forget that Peruvian Deep Wave
Dig deep inside your soul, my soul sister,
They don’t sell Black Pride in the Beauty Supply
Stop stressing your roots with those silk presses
Let your frizz fly
Those thirsty roots cry out for more than just hair grease
Black girl don’t let these roots dry out
Let’s nurture those roots with knowledge
Queen Sheba will teach you all you need to know
Nefertiti will help those roots grow
So your kinks may blow
Free in the wind, let your natural hair dance
Your strands are too strong to be conformed, it’s time for you to make a stand
Give your deep rooted beauty a chance
Don’t hide behind the lies of the no-lye relaxers and perms
Euro-centrism made you ashamed
Black girl, strong black girl now you must learn
Your tresses grow too long and strong to relax and be hidden
Aphrodite has nothing on your afro
I’m sure Apollo would be smitten
What’s a Greek God have on you Black Queen?
Black girl with the long hair
I love your every kink, curl, coil and wave

Picture by Imani from

Picture by Imani from