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By: B.K.R.

You can't break what you personally did not help build 

Sure you can put a scratch in it 

Go ahead put a dent in it 

But break it I think not 

My current attitude is fuck the world cause I'm gonna make it 

Lord knows how many times I fell on my face 

And Lord knows how hard I had to work to pick myself up

My gosh how easy it has NOT been 

How many bad choices I've done made

And how many wrong turns I've done taken 

But focusing on such failures won't allow me to see my progress or chase my dreams 

So for every scratch and dent you implant I will continue to shrug my shoulders and say everything happens for a reason

And that God won't put anything in my path that I can't handle 

Meanwhile for all those obstacles that are intended to break me just know I can't and won't be broken

I will ride over you like a truck rides over a bump on the busiest street in NYC

Without remorse and with lots of passion and endless energy 

So world bring it on and when I stop fighting that's when you can take your bow and claim your rare won victory 

However until then I'll wear my helmet and shield to protect and prepare me for battle Holding my head high, I will charge on and won't stop unless I seek my version of success ... my victory

In the meantime I just want to thank those who really thought they can hinder me 

Even on my worst days you may fracture, you may dent, and you may scratch but you shall not nor ever break me.