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Vulnerability In Second Chances

By: Anonynmous

With this pen, I’ll bare my soul

And tell the tales of how you make me whole

We were once wanderers; aimlessly suffering through our own plight

But then a revelation came, like a thief in the night

The fear of love, left my destination unknown

But I dove, still, into the depths untold

The restlessness of a nomad, now high and subdue

I find rest in my love’s sanctum, I relish in the view

*I wrote this poem with my partner. There was a point in our relationship where it became incredibly toxic, but neither of us were willing to be apart in order to heal. My partner came into this relationship with a great deal of baggage, stemming from childhood abuse on into adulthood. I dealt with betrayal as a result.

After leaving the relationship, spending time with myself, meditating and practicing self-love, I chose to give our relationship a second chance. While we are still getting to know each other more in depth again, we have now connected in a way that surpasses the physical and emotional.  We’ve chosen to spiritually connect through vulnerability. We’ve had some really tough conversations as of late, but I am appreciative of the barriers that we are breaking. Giving and receiving the type of love we desire, takes a great deal of empathy.

Line by line, we wrote this short poem together. I wrote the first line, then my partner, and so on and so forth.

Cheers to love and forgiveness, but more importantly, cheers to making decisions that feed your soul, whether people like it or not!